Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A question of flags

Army Red/White are currently deciding upon flags for their infantry regiments. I have posted two designs.One features the name of the town the regiment comes from ,the other the heraldic device for the town. I am unsure which to go for  so I am asking you to vote in the poll at the side of the blog.Comments sought and alternative suggestions too...


  1. Alan,

    Might one side favour the more dynastic overtone of the heraldry and the other the idealistic/nationalistic text? I think the text looks somewhat better, but that might be the presence of the black against the red-white.


  2. Definitely the "heraldic" unless you want everyone to think that you are Switzerland.

    -- Jeff

  3. Maybe extend the crossed to the edge like an inverted St George's Cross and having the Town a tad larger might help. Failed that the one with the writing on.

  4. PanzerKaput's suggestion sounds wise; with some heraldic device # filling the upper canton close to the pole, the flag will not look to similar either of that of French regiment 'Picardie'. Now the suggestion can well be combined with Jiminho's: the two sides don't have to be identical.