Saturday 31 December 2011

Folding Bicycles etc

I found these splendid images today whilst looking on the internet. This is my first post using the new Goggle Chrome blogger as my Internet Explorer appears to be no longer supported by Blogger- in other words change,annoyance and techy fuss! Apologies if the post looks odd. Anyway I am posting some images of troops training with folding bicycles as I am working on a couple of conversions of an Aide de Camp and Ducal guardsman for the Duchy of Tradgardland. I will post piccies soon I hope . In the interim enjoy these super drawings  and a Happy New Year when it comes to one and all!

Thursday 29 December 2011


My fellow gamer Alfront must be a mind reader as he mentioned "Vanished Armies" by Haswell Miller in a comment yesterday. I got it last year for Christmas ( I think) and was pouring over it once more yesterday afternoon .It is a wonderful book illustrated by marvellous paintings. I also have been enjoying an old friend in the form of my Almark book from circa 1972.I have photographed an example page for you to see. I trust one and all are having time in "winter quarters" to plan,daydream ,research and even model too.If so do tell us here what you are up to.

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Inspiration for Alfront et al...

A couple of Army Black images to encourage Alfront and others to use the bicycle clips- enjoy!

Monday 26 December 2011

An excellent stocking filler

Well an excellent Christmas day was had in Tradgardland- good food,company and pressies. Jan included this excellent stocking filler for me ( I had seen them online ages ago and forgotten about them ) which has great potentiality for FLW. Basically they are paper clips in the shape of bicycles. As you can see they would work well as bicycles for 54mm figures to hold. I feel also they could be bent in half as an early folding bike which could be attached to an infantry figure firing etc transforming him into a military cyclist. At less than a £1 a bicycle I think they are excellent!

Friday 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all here in the Duchy of Tradgardland to you and yours.Thanks for popping by here this year.This chap from Army Red/White is off home with his Christmas tree.May you have a peaceful lead-filled Christmas ( or plastic or pewter etc) and I hope to see you here again very soon...

Saturday 17 December 2011

"I really must..!

It has been a year of "I really must..." here at Army Red/White and others! I have not advanced as far as I should with FLW . It is not for the want of trying, not for the lack of desire to see gleamy lead chaps manouvere upon the lawns here at the duchy of Tradgardland. Rather it is distractions,too many ideas and not finishing one project enough. So I post here incredibly early a resolution for 2012- to finish Army Red/White! There I have said it ,the die cast and the shoulder to the wheel.
I have loved my research and my images -it is time to use them to springboard me to action. Finally a distracting thought I have realised I would dearly like an Army Black in full splendouous panoply circa 1900- get behind me @+*£$ !