Monday 28 September 2015

Versatile figures for Army Red/White

I have been painting some figures for Army Red/White. They are so versatile in that they could serve in Army Red/White from the Great War to the 1970s. Should cover all the bases for FLW !
Thee figures are 54mm semi flats ( homecasts I imagine) and mix well with a variety of figures.
I have some more to paint up.

Tuesday 22 September 2015


Thanks to you all for your thoughts,prayers and comments left at my last post.They helped us a great deal.
Alan and family

Sunday 30 August 2015


Jan , my best friend and beloved wife of 24 years died yesterday. She declined very quickly over the last week. She had fought her illness with immense courage and positivity for five years and is now at her rest.

Saturday 6 June 2015

The idea of an idea for summer

Although the Duchy has been beset by 50 mph winds today I popped out after a little gardening to set up a wee idea I have had brewing after finding this picture and locating information about 18th century Switzerland and her lake borne galley fleets.
Now a try of my 28mm Vauban stuff ( bought around 1986?) with 40mm Prince August as garrison-
All one needs to add are some buildings inside to represent the town...
Another view-
Maybe even a lake and galleys on it- less sure about this bit...

We shall see.What do you think?

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Army Red

The Forbodian ambassador was in theses parts on Monday. He arrived with a unit of Britains/Herald Guardsmen for my Ad Hoc Army Red - an electic mix of British chaps to fight Army Red/White when time and weather (rain falling again ) permit. Army REd will be in the best tradition of peter Young in cherry picking units for it which catch my fancy all with a vague Victorian theme...

Wednesday 15 April 2015

A good read

This yearbook arrived today in the Duchy-
A must for all who love old toy soldiers!
Of late I have been even more smitten by Schneider semi round homecasts-

Come even better weather I will get the 54mms ( Army Red White v Army White) out of their winter quarters in the shed for al fresco FLW...

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Semi round 2015 plans

I am becoming increasingly attached to the idea of using semi round homecast figures for gaming. I bought around 45 Scneider  warrior braves a while back-
 and now have added these to the collection-

Rules options are either "Tin Brigadier" by Ross McFarlane or Stuart's "Big Wars"
-time/energy permitting I will give them their first game on Saturday...