Monday 29 March 2021

Last year lockdown conversions

 During the first lockdown I really enjoyed converting these Danes / Tradgardlanders ( the line is blurred so much in my mind these days)  from old unloved Crescent plastic guardsmen with new metal heads added. The process really absorbed me at the time I recall and helped. They will be used as Landstormen or the green coated ones as the Academy Rifles.

Saturday 27 March 2021

Danish Army Videos and toy soldier conversions.

I found these links to videos of the Danish Army , have a look they are most interesting. Below are pictures of some Danes converted from AIP French Foreign Legion figures with Les White heads. I am in the process of getting more heads so that Army Red/ White can take the field...

Friday 26 March 2021

60mm semi flats and the temptations of German ebay or Army Black reorganises

 A new temptation has arrived in the form of German ebay where esoteric delights await in the form of toy soldiers not so readily available here. I am indebted to Franz who facilitated the purchase of these splendid semi flat toy soldiers for me as the seller was not posting to Britain. He also added in a couple of extras figures too. Thanks Franz! These 32 new recruits will serve alongside another 30 or so kneeling or prone figures semi flats in some interwar Funny Little War games as Army Black as she adapts to new times in the 1920s. Can l also recommend the book in the photo below as an interesting read about the Reichswehr organisation and the training methods used.



Monday 22 March 2021


 Working on some Landstormen today. AIP Boers with Irregular Miniatures tricorns added to some as a head swap. Hope to start painting properly tomorrow once the pva undercoat has dried.

Sunday 21 March 2021

Base matters

 I am currently thinking of basing my 1930s/20s toy soldiers. I feel the open nature of warfare really requires round rather than square basing. No longer do they stand shoulder to shoulder but within x inches of each other for unit cohesion. My figures keep falling over and I seem to have a fair number of kneeling ones with a propensity to do this. Therefore I have bought 30mm clear acrylic circles to use as bases indoors and outdoors. Here is a trial setting-

I would be interested in what you think, too big , too small or just right...

Tuesday 16 March 2021


 Today was the first morning coffee outdoors this year . Sun shining and so warm, hopefully heralding some outdoor games this year. Took the chance to brush up on the rules...


Sunday 14 March 2021

Cavalry option 1

 Found this Illustration today of 1895-1900 or so Swedish Hussars. Nice smart uniform but not too flashy. Something to think about...

Friday 12 March 2021

A commission.

 Some time last year or so I commissioned Ian Kay of Irregular Miniatures to make a 54mm figure for me of a Swedish soldier in this experimental uniform. Ian was most helpful and I would thoroughly recommend the service he provides. Here are two  of the drawings and here are two of the completed figures. Dodgy paint job down to me. 

Thursday 11 March 2021

Landstormen 1914 - En hyllningsfilm till Sveriges Landstorm

Its been a long , long time or Army Blue Yellow

 It has been some time ( understatement of the year) since I posted here. I thought it might be worth kicking off with some Army Blue Yellow pictures. More very soon.