Friday, 27 January 2012

Army Red/White- field of operations 1

I have posted some photos of the area around which my forthcoming gaming will take place.The setting will be in the country surrounding Interlaken and the two lakes,between which it lies! I have as background the idea of a rematch of the Sonderbundskreig coupled with certain cantons aligning themselves towards Germany. The local Army Red/White brigade is centered upon Thun ( pictured in the upper postcard and located on the lower postcard map) and has mobilised in the light of forthcoming hostilities. Hopefully over the next few weeks I will have enough figures ready for a small try out on the tabletop...
Finally thanks to all who voted in my flag poll - watch for some new designs soon.
p.s now Paul has published his plans for 2013 o the Yahoo Group I must fix my army list  and work towards it by purchasing then painting- time has a habit of flying by.I still cannot believe I was 21 years married Thursday past and my first born will be 18 next week...

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