Saturday, 14 January 2012

Army Red/White advances

In spite of my being in the doldrums last weekend with regard to the hobby (see my Tradgardland Blog for further details and the excellent advice I was given) I have bounced back and got down to business today. Army Red/White has featured heavily in my work as you can see. I am preparing the army for use next year in FLW forthcoming celebration.Along the way I want to try "Big Wars" rules too by Stuart Asquith and Jack Alexander.A copy of them was kindly sent by Joppy and I have read them with enthusiasm at night this week.The smaller units( 12 for infantry and 4/5 for cavalry) required fits in well with my current painting situation and space available.I am most indebted to Joppy for his kindness and the way this has "kick started" the 54mm modelling again for me-thanks!
The plan is to continue building Army Red/White for the foreseeable future and game (using Big Wars)with it small, interesting and  tactical all arms games on the dining room table or floor. Come the summer we shall move outdoors. In forth coming posts I will outline my current thinking on a background to this Army Red/White civil war. Notes have been scribbled,maps consulted and I am having fun- what more can one ask of the hobby?


  1. Nice to see some toys on parade! I'd love a copy of Big Wars....

  2. To the frontier - delighted to see Army Red/White on the move, and will look forward to some gaming this year.

  3. It was quite a shock to see my name in print. The rules mention created some interest, so now I've got to track Stuart down. (As you can see, the problem with my screen has resolved itself, wonders of technology)