Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year in 54mm

Well a new year has started here and little 54mm lead work done apart from thinking...
The sitting room has my daughters artwork to be submitted for Higher and Advanced Art respectively lying around in various states of completion. I am therefore doing no modelling lest I spill paint or glue on such wonderful creations. Not having a dedicated hobby room can be annoying at times...
I am coming to the conclusion  I ought to finish to Army Red/White units I have before branching out into Army Black.This seems sensible to me and a way forward rather than going off on another tangent. When I have the few units I possess painted I will get a pack of AIP chaps to oppose the Swiss. In the meantime I will have fun with some ideas for Duchy of Tradgardland troops and try my hand at conversions.
The first picture of 2012 is of Swedish troops and I hope you like it.Do tell me gentlemen of your own FLW plans too.

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  1. Must get around to casting up more 54mm Prince August figures and convert them to 'Army Black' , but my unheated shed where I my casting is not an appealing place at this time of year !.