Sunday, 28 July 2013

Interesting Netherlands print...

I have been a tad  quiet these last few days due to coming down with another  bladder infection but thankfully the antibiotics have begun to work and I feel a little better.I found this print online and thought I would share it with you.It is of a Netherlands cyclist in training and I imagine (with no knowledge of Dutch it has to be said)that he is going to pole vault a canal with his cycle on his back.Here is the picture ,what do you think?
I think it would be a great idea for FLW scenarios with a rule which would give a % chance of failing to jump correctly.Splendid modelling opportunity too...


  1. LMAO...A game in it's own right! To be serious, when you consider the geography of the Netherlands it must have been an issue that cycling soldiers came across a lot. I must admit, I don't like the sound of trying to vault a canal with a bike on my back though!

  2. IIRC Hereward the Wake had something similar in the fens, and I'm sure I've seen a clip on telly recently. Perhaps it's one of those local 'traditional sports' like dwile flunking, welly wanging, or the northern 'ecky thump? I must do some research.

  3. More - a quick search shows this - - Also - - known as fierljeppen in Holland. British record is 14.2 metres.