Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A question of flow and other matters...

I have spent a couple of days going,or rather not.,with the flow & dealing with District Nurses ( all of whom have been excellent) possibly having to visit A&E and now the Doctor. To cut a long story short I am on antibiotics for a urinary infection and feeling a tad fed up.
My Interwar Norwegian conversions lie abandoned on the table  but are proceeding well. Hopefully I will pick up the challenge soon.
 As energy and enthusiasm allowed I have been reading around the '45 in general , a couple of superb Ospreys arrived - one on Cumberland's Army and one on the Jacobites themselves. As ever I am enchanted by the work of Gerry Embleton and his son (?) Steve especially the illustration of some litttle boys pretending to be Hessian troops whilst a yellow clad hussar looks on with a long pipe. My recent Duffy purchase has re-enchanted my enthusiasm for the 18th Century in all it's Baroque military wonderfulness. To read of Hessian hussars skirmishing around Dunkeld and other places I have visited,marching through towns where I have lived has all added to the fun. Prof Duffy has come up with another blinder of a book-don't miss it! With the new vol of the fLW rules winging their way soon from the U.S I too wonder what new armies will be there to tempt us all in the form of the army lists...The sunne has been a real tonic to morale here.Off for a wee seat and read...

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  1. Sorry to hear about that. I have suffered from similar and had to go through the embarrassment of having a scan for kidney stones...I say embarrassing because the only scan facilities available at our hospital is at the Prenatal clinic - so I had to sit and wait in a room full of pregnant women! :)

    Chin up though!