Sunday, 10 July 2011

Update re Army Red/White etc...

Morning chaps!
On my summer hols here in Tradgardland and this is the vibe one attempts to create...

Much thought but little practical work done in the realm of FLW recently. I have not started the wooden ships - inclement weather and other matters have caused this.

I have sent off for a series of prints of the Swiss army in WW1- looks like a definitive work as far as I can see. Certainly they are more detailed than anything else my robust searches have come up with. They were expensive by my hobby standards but will be well worth it. They will guide my painting ,planning and preparing for the Padre's 2013 fest...
Hopefully the plates will help Army Red/White to have as wide a range of uniforms as possible and add colour and interest to the army. I will tell you more when the plates arrive. Well that is all for now...


  1. see that you have used a picture of one of my favourite Victorians ... Fred Burnaby!

    I am a member of the unofficial Burnaby Society. We are a group of wargamers and military historians who consider that the memory of Fred Burnaby should be kept alive.

    All the best,


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