Wednesday 8 April 2009

How it all started- Why Swiss?

You can blame Elastolin if you like! I was taken to Switzerland as a ten year old boy- loved the country and the toy soldiers...
I collected the old composition Elastolin figures of the Swiss army of 1970 vintage as well as the historical 40mm hard plastic ones- Romans,Landsknects etc. I still have many to this day ,and countless moves later.
So I built upon this with books about the Swiss army as I grew older . Books which showed fascinating pictures of the Swiss Army in 1912 ( the so called Kaisermanouvers) WW1 and WW2. Thus my appetite grew. Many interests ( as we all do) came and went,were revisited or forgotten. The Swiss remained. All that was needed was a catalyst- in my case FLW being in a toysoldier magazine some time ago. I loved the article and the H G Wellsian pluck of Paul Wright. I emailed him,joined the Yahoo group in time and awaited the rules with enthusiasm. Now I have begun the army and look forward to 2013 and the Centenary competition that is planned. However their are lashings of fun to be had in the world of FLW before them I'll wager...

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