Monday, 30 September 2013

Duchy of Tradgardland,late October 1912 or Do the Strand (with apologies to Roxy Music)

Duke Albert is enjoying brandy and cigars after dinner.Alone at last he flicks through old copies of  The Strand Magazine.His eyes alight upon an article and the accompanying pictures-
As the evening wears, on and the decanter is refilled, Duke Albert has an idea...
The next morning after a splendid breakfast of herring kedgeree and coffee Duke Albert takes a walk round to the Palace Stables and talks to his old friend Col Gustav Adolf Ekdahl.

Dear Reader,by the wonders of the ether and steampowered technology you are invited to read the article Duke Albert read 101 years ago here-
I hope you enjoy it and please leave your comments as to what you think Duke Albert and Col Ekdahl were talking about...


  1. Hello Allan.
    After seeing your kind invitation, I've just followed the link from FLW to your blog. Lots of interesting stuff here.

    I'm terribly sorry to here about the various health problems and hope all goes well.

    I haven't seen you since the C100 games at Paul's. That was a great weekend and I enjoyed meeting you and the other chaps very much. I do hope that we can meet up again before too long. I shall try to make time to visit this blog more often.

    My very best wishes to you and your family.
    From Sarah and myself in sunny Svenhasselstein.

  2. What an interesting article, thank you. I'd like to think that Albert is considering the subject of the last paragraph, and is discussing how to go about playing a musical instrument while riding a cycle.