Thursday, 3 October 2013


Back at the doc's today and I was signed off for another three weeks. I thought I would share an image of the painting area I am using on a semi(very)permanent basis at present.Anyone care to guess the identity of the books used for inspiration or the nationality of the figures currently being worked upon?


  1. Is it titled something like 'Vanished Armies' - I have the book ( and jolly good it is too !) but have lent it to a friend ,Tony

  2. Yep, that looks like 'Vanished Armies' (I received my copy just last month - terrific)!

    The other I am not too sure of.

    How I wish that other countries were illustrated as well as they were in VA...Particularly South American. Ah well!

    Sorry to hear you are still off. Hope things are improving.

  3. Does your copy have the "missing" plate 15?