Saturday, 19 October 2013

Army White (Republican)

The beloved old Emperor is dead.The new Emperor has left by train,the new Republic has begun...
Thus Army White is taken from the days prior to glorious summer of '13,through the Great War and beyond into the interwar period...

And so begins my FLW project for autmn and winter -moving into the interwar period with Army white now known as Army White (Republican) for the moment.
Part the first- A rainy day in Fife
This morning saw me uptown on a mission to post a parcel in the Post Office.The rain lashed and I popped into Poundland on the lookout for hobby inspiration and bought the following-
£1.49 a packet!!! each contained the following-
And so with much ingenuity I will attempt to use the basic chassis of the plastic tank to build 3 tanks/tankettes(perhaps a tad too big?) for an interwar army.If anyone wants the army men and turrets/mgs let me know .You are more than welcome to them.I will pop them in the post for you next week.


  1. Ingenious and fantastic in so many ways! I love the idea of moving the FLW narrative forward through the Edwardian years onto the inter-war years.

    (Even in my own early Molatero there are the stirrings of Anacists, Republicans and Socialists!!! Where will it all lead?)

    I certainly don't think that the toy tank is too big - when you look at some of the primitive Vickers and Soviet multi-turreted behemoths.

    This is all very exciting!

  2. Thanks for the comment Stephen.
    Perhaps one day the tankettes of Molatero and Army White (Republican) ( her borders are large and there enemies large and small over them)may meet across the battlefield.

  3. That would be excellent! But I think by know you are aware of how slow a pace I work! :)

    But I have been itching to do a big metal and rivets project!