Monday, 30 September 2013

A knock on the door during tea...

Tuesday morning 6.30 am
Tea last night was interrupted in a most pleasant way- a delivery from parcel post.My keenly awaited parcel from Berlin had arrived.I was on the Berlinner Zinnefiguren site last week and clicked onto a bargain-
Great in itself but there was more in the shape of-
A reproduction of the Heyde catalogue from the 19th century.Both books are most interesting- the former being a large format hardback awash with inspirational colour photographs and text in English,French and German.
I am looking forward to reading more today.
My sample figures (not from BZ by the way) arrived the day before and I hope to work on them this morning.I hope that they may be a 54mm step forward but it is early days.Decapitating one and doing half of the same to another when bending limbs was not a good start...

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  1. Oh, looking forward to following the progress on this project! Fantastic purchases. :)