Friday, 20 September 2013

Morning musings or the Spenkuch look

I rose this morning at five o'clock which left many quiet hours before the House stirred. I cannot post my alfresco pictures as my daughter (I fear) has taken the camera off to Uni.
However this gives me a chance to post about some thoughts I have been having re the FLW hobby of late.I am increasingly drawn to the German old toy soldier look of things.Maybe it is nostalgia for a simpler age or my Germanic genes calling me I don't know.Whatever it is I am being attracted to gaming with such an aesthetic. what would this mean for my gaming.Firstly terrain-
The simple two dimensional trees etc as shown in the above set.
 Two dimensional houses such as the example above from Spenkuch.
As for the figures it goes without saying I cannot afford the originals or even the reproduction sets but I am attracted to the Deutsche Homage figures produced by Irregular Miniatures as shown below in this picture from their webpage-
Much to think about and to do some chores then a wee seat I think.


  1. Those figures are spiffing! I love the puff of smoke coming out the barrels! :)

    I will have to have a look at these, I was impressed with the first batch of Irregular Miniatres' work that I bought.

  2. I share your fondness for Spenkuch ! Berliner Zinnfiguren owns quite a few of the molds these days, check their website under the Spielzeugfiguren category.