Monday, 23 September 2013

Terraforming Tradgardland or the guns of August

Much work has been done over the summer in the Duchy.This is a picture of the work in progress and below is the spoil heap/mess left by the builders.It will have to wait weeks until I can attempt to deal with it-
They covered the path in debris but made a good job of the area extending from the kitchen to the garden room as depicted in the photo below-
The patio/place for garden chairs&table/troughs/alpine pans will also serve excellently as an "all weather" pitch for FLW games. Astro turf for lead armies I guess. The photo was taken on the last day of August with gun/guns hence the post title.
Anyway the other day I drew the layout in my moleskin and mentally batted around some plans.Please click below on the photo to have a better look-
Basically the paved area will be a disputed pass or valley between the countries of Army Red/White and Army White.The steps will be the mountains on either side of the pass/valley.terrain will be added to be lifted between games.A flower border will be planted which will soften the edge of things too.I am most excited by this project and also feel "Winter Quarters" will give a chance to plan and paint in preparation for gaming next summer.
Finally with reference to my last post I may have found  a source of some potentially Spenkuch/Alte Deutsche/Heyde  reproduction/style of type figures in 54mm. More anon when samples arrive and are painted...


  1. I have gamed on our Patio and garden and it works brilliantly - however the puppy now has stopped the campaign - very discouraging to see your C in C disappear in the jaws of a dog !

  2. I shall bring toys next time I'm in the area....

  3. What a great idea, mapping the patio and turning it into a battlefield. I have a plan for our front garden area which should get the neighbours talking.