Friday, 10 April 2009

Swiss Uniforms

My sources tell me that the change from the blue uniform to the grey uniform took several years. I believe there is a photograph that even in the 20's blue and grey uniforms were in use. On October 28th, 1914 the Swiss executive council decided to use only fieldgrey fabrics for future uniforms.In 1916 most of the Swiss servicemen wore the fieldgrey uniform. During the war it was very difficult to get the grey fabric. The Swiss bought uniform fabric in the US, but there were significant colour differences with the grey fabric in use. The colours to dye this fabric weren't non-fading and so, the uniforms changed to a brown colour. For variety I am considering Army Red/White wearing a mix .And now some pictures... they come from WW1 photo archives,a reenactment group and other sources I have forgotten. They show the variety of uniforms to be portrayed in Army Red/White. Have a great Saturday one and all...
p.s I am trying to find a super set of WW1 photos( on the computer somewhere) that show a group of officers in both fieldgrey and blue uniforms- I'll keep searching today and post when I find them

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