Tuesday, 16 April 2013

New arrivals at Army Red/White Headquarters

Still recovering from his severe dose of paint  running ( as a result of varnishing yesterday) General Really-Constant, Commander in Chief of Army Red/White ( wearing the uniform worn by his ancestor in the Sonderbundskreige of 1847) greets new recruits for the forthcoming Centenary Games:
They will form part of the Staff of Really-Constant- the Danish Sailor will be the Signals officer, the representative of the C.S.A (continuing) will be Quartermaster and the splendid motorcycle rider will be a runner/ dispatch rider. The figures were painted splendidly  by and loaned by Al Front of http://alfront-wardiariesofalittleenglander.blogspot.co.uk/ who stout fellows will represent him in the forthcoming battles.
A super blog well worth dropping over to for an eclectic mix of posts which are always worth reading.