Sunday, 14 April 2013

Getting Ready 2

Morning all from a very rainy Tradgardland. Good for the garden but not for gardening.Yesterday was milder and Jan &I remodelled the herbaceous border by removing the plants ,adding compost,replacing some of the old ones and supplementing them with new plants bought on Friday.
We are a busy house today- Anna is finishing her Advanced Higher chemistry report and her Art final pieces,Zoe is sewing her 17th century doublet & breeches  for College,Freya is revising for exams and Jan is supporting them all splendidly. In the midst I am helping too and working on the Army Red/White chaps...
Cavalry Brigade CO and Staff on left,cavalry in foreground and infantry to rear of picture.
Cavalry & cavalry machine gun in foreground, signalers with pigeons & infantry maxim in the middle ground and mountain gun mule team in the background. Not forgetting (at the back) the Army's chaplain Fr Chantry-Pigg  named after a character in Rose Macaulay's "The Towers of Trebizond"  which has one of the best opening lines of any novel I have read.


  1. Good progress. I would be interested to see the 17c needlework as well.

  2. Excellent work - in the garden and in preparation for the field of glory! (Commiserations, too, to your toiling daughters).