Friday, 19 April 2013

A meeting...

In the grounds of Thun Castle General Really-Constant converses with his chaplain Fr Chantry-Pigg and a recent visitor- Duke Albert of Tradgardland.The General has invited the enthusiastic, yet inexperienced, Duke onto his Staff for the Centenary Battles of next weekend. The Duke hopes to interest Army Red/White in the splendid new folding Pederson bicycle which is all the rage in Tradgardland.
The Army Red/White General is a slightly converted ( in terms of plume) resin figure from the Armchair General,the chaplain is a figure converted for me by Giles @ Dorset Soldiers in terms of the addition of a splendid biretta. Finally Duke Albert is a Tradition of London figure converted by me by the addition of  a balsa pack and folding bicyle made from a bicycle shape paper clip.
It was so warm this afternoon I was able to finish painting my mules in the garden .Spring has sprung I feel...

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