Monday, 6 May 2013

May Bank holiday...offensive cyclists

I'm off for a long weekend thankfully .Yesterday saw me clearing areas of ground prior to a house extension being built by moving loads of stone chippings. I did have time to find a couple of images pertaining to my 54mm figures and gaming.Firstly some interesting cyclists-
Not a very good photo but an interesting one.Sabre practice on bikes  it appears to be.Last weekend my Army Red cyclists were going to charge a limbered gatling gun. I wonder what was the offensive capabilities of cyclists and what this photo is saying...
I am not postulating Pax Limpopop style lancers on unicycles or the alike but wonder what might have occurred.
Second phto is an excuse to ask if anyone know of 54mm scale penny farthings,I'd rather not scratchbuild if at all possible.
I imagine the read armbanded figures are umpires maybe staff?

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