Monday, 20 May 2013

Loads of ideas but little has happened practically due to continuing tiredness and/or virus.However this arrived at the weekend along with a Britains 25pdr-
Needs some work done but will serve well .
I bought paints and brushes for the bases I bought from Warbases at Carronade Wargames Show but ,much to my annoyance,have done nothing with either yet.
Meanwhile on the workbench (in reality a rather nice biscuit (?) tin used to store paints and hold figures on upturned lid) my Army White mountain troops are waiting where they were at a week ago.Also waiting are some Army White cycle troops and various civilians. Energy/work/real-life permitting I will try to take these and the basing forward over the coming weeks.Finally a wee competition (just for fun) to identify the nationality of the soldiers below-
Off to watch RHS Chelsea coverage on television- viewing doesn't get much better than that...

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  1. I don't have an interest in this period . . . but I came across the following .pdf downloads at what seems like very inexpensive objects if you like building paper models:

    If I were interested in the period, these look like they would be worth getting at least a sample one.

    -- Jeff