Saturday, 17 December 2011

"I really must..!

It has been a year of "I really must..." here at Army Red/White and others! I have not advanced as far as I should with FLW . It is not for the want of trying, not for the lack of desire to see gleamy lead chaps manouvere upon the lawns here at the duchy of Tradgardland. Rather it is distractions,too many ideas and not finishing one project enough. So I post here incredibly early a resolution for 2012- to finish Army Red/White! There I have said it ,the die cast and the shoulder to the wheel.
I have loved my research and my images -it is time to use them to springboard me to action. Finally a distracting thought I have realised I would dearly like an Army Black in full splendouous panoply circa 1900- get behind me @+*£$ !

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant illustration...and you just know that Army Black are crying out to be created in T'land...