Monday, 26 December 2011

An excellent stocking filler

Well an excellent Christmas day was had in Tradgardland- good food,company and pressies. Jan included this excellent stocking filler for me ( I had seen them online ages ago and forgotten about them ) which has great potentiality for FLW. Basically they are paper clips in the shape of bicycles. As you can see they would work well as bicycles for 54mm figures to hold. I feel also they could be bent in half as an early folding bike which could be attached to an infantry figure firing etc transforming him into a military cyclist. At less than a £1 a bicycle I think they are excellent!


  1. Fantastic! Perhaps you'd be good enough to share the website link?

  2. Tim
    I wish I could...
    I saw them mentioned in a magazine,found them once on the Waitrose website but they disappeared from it. Jan bought them from a shop called Paper Tiger ( selling stationary,cards diaries etc) in Edinburgh.

  3. What cracking items - useless in the office, but, as you say, perfect for FLW, which madness, after much prevaricating, I have finally decided to join with. The hardest thing was to choose an Army, but I've finally plumped for 'Army Black'. There's a cracking book - Alejandro M. De Quesada (marvellous name!), Uniforms of the German Soldier, 1870-1918 - that finally swung it for me. So, hopefully, out there somewhere, are the initial AIP chaps. Vorwarts!

  4. Success!;jsessionid=13640194B7F98E76E382148F80A1B8B9

  5. Excellent Tim that you found a link- well done sir!
    Al,great to have you onboard- look forward to hearing more of your Army Black chaps moving forward.May we meet some time on the playing fields of England...