Friday, 13 May 2011

Reconnaissance from the garden front...

Morning all! It has been a hectic week here at Army Red/White although not in the ways perhaps one would have wished. I have had paperwork deadlines this week coupled with a curriculum which expresses itself in terms of the worst of 1984's NewsSpeak and the excesses of complicated arcanely written wargames rules!

Firstly thanks to those who voted in the poll- I am most obliged to you all and will ask for you votes again very soon. We seem to be going down a light blue/white road which sounds excellent and reflects the way that San Martino seems to be moving towards being similar to a real country with a similar name. I liked the suggestion for the motto being "Anytime,anyplace ,any where.." and, as I am suffering from rusty Latin, leave it for you to translate for me!
My Austrian contact is working away to get hold of the aforementioned (in a previous post) book for me and I am grateful for his determination and endeavour. I will keep you posted. Thanks also for the link to some excellent uniform plates which have started me thinking about such matters on the painting table.
Finally I chose the picture included in this post partly to remind me to think of the San Martino Flying Corps ( myriad striped balloons flying over an ornate castle perhaps as the motto is sung as a sort of national anthem..) and also to have a look for where I put the 1/32 monoplane that is the Army Red/White air support so far!

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  1. 'aliquo tempore quocumque loco ubique' is about the best I can offer and comes out roughly as 'at any time, any place, everywhere'. I didn't get to vote on the colours for some reason, but I would've gone for a mid or dark blue with white.. the light blue will be similar to the Austrian uniform of the Napoleonic era.

    Good stuff though, keep on keeping on..