Saturday, 28 May 2011

New to naval in 54mmm -some questions

Morning Chaps!
Last night Jan & I enjoyed a superb concert locally by Ade Edmondson and the Bad Shepherds and during the interval my thoughts briefly tuned to the current naval project here... I wonder if you could give me some pointers? Ok, I love the novels of Patrick O'Brian and John Biggins but I am all at sea with this naval stuff!

  1. Can you suggest a good source of fittings for ships- I am not too concerned for the highest quality brass but rather sometime I can mount on the balsa superstructure I intend to build

  2. Naval enthusiasts excuse my ignorance but were any submarines used in Lakes in WW1- can subs be used in such places as the Italian lakes? I have a conceit of San Martino having a rusty.unreliable one to give them an edge upon army(navy)red/white)

  3. Cheap naval figures in 54mm - any ideas

  4. Finally any tips from those who have tested the waters already in this modelling area- I intend to build fun,sturdy vessels for garden use rather than scale models

Finally apologies for the shameless puns and I look forward to your suggestions. have a great Sunday one and all!


  1. Morning Alan

    I use 28mm figures on my ships - as they are off shore it works quite well -and Old Glory 25mm have some Naval gunners in the Boxer range.

    as for fittings I use this Chap in Lancashire;

    these are again about 28mm - but fairly inexpensive.

    I also go for an Edwardian 'toy' look

    very best


  2. Armies in plastic has some 54mm naval chappies from the colonial era that might serve.

  3. In between 28mm and 64mm, Irregular has some suitable sailors in about 45mm in their Deutches Homage range. Not sure the style would be compatible but they'd be close enough offshore, across the garden.

    Dorset would be another option.