Thursday, 21 April 2011

Your vote counts...

As I was working on my Army Red/White (Swiss) I wondered if it might be fun to collect an opponent for them at the same time- working on/collecting both armies in tandem. I would like your opinion on what enemies army Red/White will fight against. Background scenarios to be worked out later. All you have to do is vote at the poll alongside. Thanks for taking part


  1. I was torn between Liechtenstein and an imaginary principality and plumped for imaginary in the end.

    Liechtenstein abolished its army many years ago and you would be pushed to justify its having one without going into the realms of fantasy anyway. At least with an imagi-nation you can collect whatever your heart desires.

  2. I voted for France . . . think of all of the historic battles between them. I suppose that Germany would have worked just as well (badwar in the era of pikes) . . . but I always like to beat up on France.

    -- Jeff

  3. I was torn between Germany and France. The Hun makes a capital baddy, but the uniforms might be a little too similar. The Frogs at least offer the prospect of a field of red trousers.

  4. I picked an imaginary army for the following reasons: it's fun, you can invent leaders etc. and you don't have to get caught up in buying a specific army. Last but not least, you can modify or even battle with different armies you have already built.