Friday, 22 April 2011

San Martino- in the light of poll results so far some imaginationeering....

Morning all! In the light of the way the poll was progressing I thought I might get a few of my notes together re an opponent for Army Red/White.

Featured here is a fresco from the renaissance of the founder of the state- San Martino. He was a Roman soldier,benefactor of the poor and ,according to local legend ,was the benevolent local Governor of the city that has become the small but perfectly formed small state that is San Martino. He is depicted here cutting his own cloak to give half to a beggar- an idea he is said to have copied from his name sake St Martin the martyr of Tours.

San Martino is a small state which is tucked neatly betwixt Italy and Switzerland I believe, sheltered high in the mountains for the main part. It's history ,customs and lore will ( if it is the winner of the poll) be shared here over the coming months ahead.

I have also posted a picture of a member of the Guardians of the Border Regt who are responsible for patrolling the border with the neighbouring countries. Out in all weathers and expert in mountain warfare this elite light infantry unit is San Martino's first line of defence.



  1. Looks like a smuggler to me!
    Then the ex-poachers make the best gamekeepers, they say.

    Is San Martino *also* a fiscal haven?

  2. I like it... their motto wouldn't be 'Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere' by any chance?

    With your current set up, you have the best of both worlds, a real world historical interest and an opportunity to let your imagination (rather than the imagi-nation) run riot.

    Looking forwards to following how this develops!

  3. Well . . . my mother's family is Italian Swiss from a small village in Ticino Canton . . . so my ancestors might well be involved on either the Swiss or San Martino side if you choose that as an opponent.

    -- Jeff