Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Duchy of Rosti

One of the lesser known outposts of the British Empire is the Duchy of Rosti which lies upon the Swiss border.It's sovereignty was bequeathed to the British Crown by the last Duke. It is a land of mountains and lakes,a miniature version of Switzerland itself. The British garrison is a hotch potch of troops under the ever watchful eye of Major General Mackay.
A British spy of somewhat dubious provenance has reported that the Swiss intend to invade the Duchy this summer and claim it back for Switzerland...
The above being a conceit to fight alfresco Funny Little Wars betwixt Army Red and Army Red/White come the better weather.More information soon...


  1. Looking forward to this , bring on the sunny weather , Tony

  2. And it has been so peaceful there lately?

  3. Rumour has it the Brits might be sending a gunboat....