Friday, 7 December 2012

Re Leibster Award

I am delighted that Joppy has nominated me for this blog and said such kind things about my efforts.
I fear I have neglected it too much of late but hope to get my eye back in as we have the run up to April 2013 and FLW Centenary bash...
Without more ado my nominations are-
Firstly  By Toutatis- 54mm gaming in the world of Asterix-terrific fun and great modelling skills on display-

Secondly FLW Garden Campaign Borduria Calling- Great garden gaming by Paul- enuff said ,you all know and love it like me-

Thirdly Mercurius Atticus- 54mm  English Civil War,gardening and much ,much more-don't miss it!

Fourthly The Grand Duchy of Humperstein- great background story,super figures and inspiring modelling ideas.

And last but not least- The Nothelm Project - a splendid and inspiring foray into the dark ages...

That's it then folks.Have a great Saturday and well done to those blogs mentioned you deserved it!

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