Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Memories of times past...

Hello I'm back-back to work and on the road to feeling better. Since I've been away I've had a conceit to try and do some 1930s civilian militias in 54mm for a very British Civil War circa 1938. My memories of my Wm Britians catalogue 1964 or so gave me hope- farmers with shot guns,mounted figures in hunting pink and suitable carts.
However looking at their current range on the web I see I am well out of touch! No farmer with shotgun ,no fox hunters etc! I fear I should have realised time has indeed moved on...
So any ideas for 1938 in 54mm eagerly sought- thanks in anticipation


  1. I use Armies in Plastic Boers for a number of periods including Peking 1900. The set has a good number of men with bolt action rifles and one with a shot gun. Clothing and hats could pass for rulal folks in the 1930s. That's if you don't mind plastic.

  2. You could try Marx Untouchables, 1920's Chicago gangsters, they wear suits and trilby hats, armed with pitols, shotguns and Thompsons. They are available as remoulds which will be much cheaper than the originals, you should be able to find them on the US ebay or from some of the American dealers.