Sunday, 12 September 2010

Caption required

Gentlemen . I have not posted here for some time and thought I would start with a caption competition for this super photo.Please leave your entry as a comment on the blog here- I await your ideas with enthusiasm...


  1. Caption: "Anyone got a yellow jumper?"

  2. "Hans surveyed the broken country before him and thought that while Grim visaged war might smooth his wrinkled front - what a chap really needed in these circumstances was a pneumatic tire on which he could rely. Otherwise, victory or no victory, the master race would come to an abrupt and ignominious halt on the bruised and excessively tender generative organs of its champions."

  3. Today the forest...tomorrow...

    the forest, and the day after...

    until we find the way out!

  4. For some reason I have the scene from Gladiator etched in my mind, Russell Crowe turning to his second in command and saying "On my command unleash hell"

    Then I look at these chaps in the woods and have the sound of massed bicycle bells, sorry far too Monty Python