Monday, 5 April 2010

Tankettes of wood...

In the Duchy of Tradgardland agricultural experiments were carried out in the 1930's ...

It was a "win,win" situation - the tankette drivers got practice at driving and the farmers gained help with the work around the farm ,especially ploughing in particular.

I am resolved to try and build/carve some tankettes out of wood for durability. I have little or no skill in this area apart from woodwork at school!! However it will be a challenge and we shall see what can be produced. Any suggestions more than welcome!


  1. What a fantastic picture - good luck with the tankettes!

  2. If it is intended to be used with 54mm figures, the chassis of a 1:72nd scale model tank should be about right for a tankette.

    My local branch of Modelzone has been selling Pegasus model tanks for less than £3.00 for two models. The big advantage of Pegasus is that the tracks and wheels are all moulded together so they are fairly strong and don't suffer from the problems usually associated with flexible tracks.

    Would this be of help to you?

    All the best,

    Bob Cordery

  3. Bob
    I am most interested -tell me more about the pegasus tank- I tried to find it on the modelzone website but to no avail....

  4. Pegasus Hobbies are a manufacturer of plastic models, including 1:72nd WW2 tanks. They are sold by a variety of different outlets in the UK, but I have bought mine at Modelzone.

    The following link ( will take you to a page that features some of the Pegasus range (but there are not pictures, I am afraid). However, if you look at the following entries on my blog ( and you will get some idea what they look like.

    All the best,