Saturday, 9 January 2010

Further Norwegians...

I have uploaded some more atmospheric prints of the Norwegian army 1905-1909 for your enjoyment.Yesterday saw me painting an Army Red/White
cavalryman - results will be posted here when I finish him...
The prints depict jager,cavalry and Guard- as written upon them in a charming period hand. Thanks to Stokes (aka Duke of Stollen ) for the fantastic link which allowed me to find the recent pictures.A visit to the optician yesterday secured my first pairs of glasses ,which arrive here soon , and will feed into hobby work as well as real work! My thoughts/future gaming plans, as a result of these pics, are moving northwards into Scandinavia- somewhere often in my thoughts and reading anyway...

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  1. Dear Alan
    Wonderful stuff - looks like a Norwegian Bersagliere? And we look forward to seeing your latest figures