Saturday, 30 May 2009


Last weekend,and the proceeding week every evening, I thrilled at the tv coverage of the RHS garden show at Chelsea. I have never been (yet) but each year follow the coverage(of it and other RHS shows) with avid attention. I am inspired and awestruck by the fantastic work that goes into to it,the skill and artistry on display. I have posted a photo of one that caught my attention this year. I love to garden at home - to plant ,cultivate and even mow the lawn! To sit and soak up the sun on days such as yesterday- relaxing and planning campaigns across the green sward laid out before me...
Gardens are great and mean many things to many people. As my daughters are moving to all being at Secondary school they no longer want/need it in the same way.Gardens,like our hobby,constantly change. There should be places in them for people ,flowers,edibles and flowers- not to mention battalions of lead and plastic. Wherever you are - enjoy this weekend and your garden ( or local green space/park) its a place for all!
P.S Swiss are moving forwards slowly.Thanks Steve for the figs you sent -AIP plastic fig has had a Dorset head added and is being painted! Swiss flags are printed - 2 batts from Thun. I am awaiting a trip to Ikea to get skis,sorry coffee stirrers before I can proceed much further.

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  1. Alan
    Hope the figures help. A suggestion was made that GW Fortress Grey may be the one for you to use, the semi converted figure I posted on the group used this colour if you want to see how it looks.